GE Healthcare Launches AI Suite

GE Healthcare has introduced their Thoracic Care Suite, a collection of eight Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms from Lunit INSIGHT CXR to help alleviate clinical strain due to COVID-19. GE Healthcare partnered with Lunit, https://lunit.10/en,  a South Korean medical AI software company developing AI-powered analysis of lung diseases via chest x-ray images.

The AI suite quickly analyzes chest x-ray findings and flags abnormalities to radiologists for review, including pneumonia which may indicate COVID-19 as well as tuberculosis, lung nodules, and other radiological findings.

To date, more than 8 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed worldwide which is overwhelming radiologists, technologists, and physicians. As the spread of the virus stabilizes, clinicians continue to need tools to help manage new cases and complications caused by the virus.

The Thoracic Care Suite harnesses the power of AI to help alleviate pressures by automatically analyzing images for the presence of eight abnormal radiologic findings. Upon reading the flagged report in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), radiologists can quickly find the abnormality score for each of the eight possible abnormalities, an image overlay, and a written location description.

As Kieran Murphy, President & CEO, GE Healthcare explains, “The launch of our Thoracic Care Suite ensures that clinicians and partners on the front lines have the equipment they need to quickly diagnose and effectively treat COVID-19 patients. The pandemic has proven that data, analytics, AI, and connectivity will only become more central to delivering care.”


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