CIT Gap Invests in MetiStream

The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) recently announced that CIT GAP Funds has made a follow-on investment in Vienna, Virginia-based MetiStream  The company is the developer of a platform that uses big data, Natural language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning to reveal hidden insights in unstructured clinical data.

CIT GAP Funds, are funds investing in Virginia’s technologies, life sciences, and clean technology companies, with a high potential to achieve rapid growth, and should generate significant economic return for entrepreneurs, co investors, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Since CIT’s initial investment earlier this year, MetiStream has launched Ember Clinical Reviewer (CR). CR, a solution to use to accelerate the analysis of patient and population data for COVID-19 and other clinically focused use cases. This is achieved by leveraging Ember’s advanced NLP and AI capabilities. The additional funding available from GAP Funds will be used for product enhancements and for additional marketing and sales efforts.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many health systems in the U.S are rapidly generating large amounts of data to use to more effectively identify and manage patients infected with or immune to the coronavirus.

However, this data may be buried within the free text clinical notes and documentation of EHRs. The unstructured nature of healthcare data makes it difficult for health systems to integrate the data with other high-value data sets.

Ember’s CR makes it possible to extract and process both structured and unstructured data sets so providers and other healthcare organizations are able to deliver actionable analysis and insights with evidence-based reports, predictive analytics, and “Next Best Action” considerations for cohorts of COVID-19 patients.

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