Innovation in Medical Imaging

Atrium Health is using a new Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) device. The device produced by the Butterfly Network, Inc. is the first portable single-probe whole body ultrasound device.

The device features a hand-held probe that connects to a smartphone or tablet, allowing a physician to quickly and safely examine a patient’s body whether they are in their exam room or at home.

In addition to doing examinations, the device helps clinicians perform common procedures like vascular access and putting in central lines. Unlike an X-ray or CT scan, it does not subject the patient to radiation and reduces infection risk to hospital staff by bringing imaging to the bedside.

Butterfly IQs small size and portability enables healthcare practitioners to safely clean the device and move between patients quickly. This is not possible with other common imaging technologies such as large ultrasound machines or other scanning machines.

Atrium Health and Butterfly are continuing discussions about additional applications of the technology including integrating the technology into training at a School of Medicine in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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