AI Capturing Cancer Data

The Health Data Sciences Institute and the National Center for Computational Sciences located at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, are collaborating with the National Cancer Institute to develop advanced AI solutions to use to modernize the national cancer surveillance program.

Through digital cancer registries, scientists are able to identify trends in cancer diagnoses and treatment responses, which in turn, can help guide research dollars and public resources. However, cancer pathology reports are complex with variations in notation and language that needs to be interpreted by human cancer registrars trained to analyze the reports.

Scientists at ORNL, are developing an AI based natural language processing tool to improve information extraction from textual pathology reports. The project, as part of DOE’s “Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer” (JDACS4C), is working to merge cancer data with advanced data analysis and high performance computing.

JDACS4C partners include the National Cancer Institute, the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, along with DOE’s National Laboratories including Argonne, Los Alamos, and Lawrence Livermore.

Go to for more information on JDACS4C.

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