FCC Grants Waiver Requests

The FCC https://www.fcc.gov has granted a waiver request by MIT http://mit.edu to permit the certification and marketing of their WiTrack system. WiTrack is a wall mounted system to allow caregivers to remotely monitor their patients and senior adults without physical contact. It wirelessly monitors physiological characteristics such as gait, breathing, heart rate, sleep, and is designed to detect potentially life-threatening events such as falls.

In another request, the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has adopted a conditional waiver to allow TerreStar to begin offering Wireless Medical Telemetry Services (WMTS) in the 1.4 GHz band.

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing increased reliance on medical telemetry monitoring in hospitals and telehealth, this action will help ensure that traditional healthcare facilities have more spectrum capacity to meet a surge of additional monitoring demands that may occur in emergencies. It will also enable the development and use of monitoring services in non-traditional settings outside hospitals.

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