GE Healthcare’s New Software

GE Healthcare has introduced a new software solution to support clinicians and health systems when treating COVID-19 patients. The company’s “Mural Virtual Care Solution” is designed to give hospitals a broad view across their ventilated patient population, help identify patients at risk of deterioration, and then send the information to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The Mural Virtual Care Solution enables ICU patients on ventilators to be surveilled in a central place, which provides for a comprehensive view of each patient’s data across the hospital network.

The Mural Virtual Care Solution when installed across a 100 bed multi-site ICU network can be monitored by three senior nurses and two intensivists around the clock by providing additional oversight of the patients across the hospital network. This is achieved by bringing together near real-time data from ventilators, patient monitoring systems, EMRs, labs, and other systems.

One clinician is able to monitor several patients at once by supplementing existing monitoring devices in patients’ rooms which can also help identify patients needing ventilation and lung injury management.

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