TMT’s Call for Papers

The telehealth sector has been called to action by governments, citizens, and health providers around the globe. “Telehealth and Medicine Today” (TMT) an entirely open access journal has an immediate call for manuscript contributions for “COVID-19 Current Situation, Reflections & Future Challenges” with a continuous submission deadline.

Subjects may address but are not limited to:

  •  Future of Parity and Reimbursement Environment
  • Regulatory Barriers
  • Technology Adoption
  • Economic Impact to Practice Fee Revenues
  • Experience Launching a Telehealth Practice and/or Recruitment into an Existing Practice
  • Safety and Security in Remote Triage of Patients
  • Medical and Economic Impact to the Health Community
  • Visionary Constructs for the Future Virtual Health
  •  HIPAA Regulations, Licensure & Credentialing Issues
  • System Overloads
  • Clinician Stress
  • Alleged Malpractice
  • Whistle Blowers


TMT will license all content that support computational reuse to other publishers as well.

Go to for more information and details on how to submit your manuscript.


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