Respiratory Device Can Save Lives

The remote respiratory device “Remote E-Stethoscope Platform” (RESP) created by Strados Labs, has the potential to save patient lives and clinician’s time by reducing the burden on bedside nurses. The RESP, a wireless remote e-stethoscope can be used by remote intensivists and telehealth workers to monitor breath sounds and status of the patient.

This is particularly important for small community hospitals since resources are already limited so with remote intensivists or monitors reliably giving status updates on patients is vital. As a community hospital surgical unit nurse said, “To have someone on the outside monitoring and then have the ability to call and notify you when your patient is declining would be so helpful.”

The Strados System’s respiratory solution consists of a small lightweight, non-invasive stethoscope that records lung sounds and then uploads the sounds to a digital clinician portal. Once the device has recorded the patient’s lung sounds, the clinician is able to access them remotely at any time for analysis. In the future, a proprietary algorithm many process and extract respiratory acoustics to highlight any changes in respiratory patterns for physical analysis.

Strados is working with telehealth companies to deploy devices for use in remote care and triage settings, as well as working with clinical research organizations working on novel respiratory vaccines for COVID-19. RESP is currently being used in several ongoing clinical trials. The Strados System is for investigational use only and has not been cleared or approved by FDA.

For more information on the RESP platform for clinical research purposes or pilots, email Alexis Taylor at

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