CDC Posts Grant Forecast

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted a Forecast for the Grant Opportunity to “Develop, Implement, and Evaluate Evidence-based, Innovative Approaches to Prevent, Find, and Cure TB in High Burden Settings” with estimated funding for $5,000,000.

The goal is to have a world free of TB by 2035. Each year an estimated 10 million people develop TB and an estimated 1.6 million people die with TB. Drug-resistant TB is on the raise, posing significant programmatic challenges Worldwide an estimated 580,000 multi-drug resistant TB cases emerge annually but there are substantial gaps in multi-drug detection and treatment.

The purpose for the CDC Forecasted Grant Opportunity is to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based, innovative approaches to prevent TB infections, disrupt TB transmission and halt progression of TB disease in high burden settings, and find TB disease in all populations including the populations that are the most vulnerable.

Vulnerable populations include children, displaced persons, healthcare workers, economically disadvantaged, persons living with HIV, and persons with other co-morbid conditions. The goal for research is to optimize treatment for TB through new treatments, improve the use of routinely collected data to monitor and evaluate TB program performance, find solutions for local problems and for broader applications and adoption, and then integrate the solutions into routine TB care and treatment practice.

Go to for more information on the forecasted grant notice. For more information on TB on the CDC site, go to

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