Advancing Telemedicine in Remote Areas

GlobalMed, an international virtual health solutions provider, has partnered with DH Wireless Solutions to produce greater telehealth connectivity in the field. DH Wireless is going to partner their Portable Data Network (PDN®) with GlobalMed’s telemedicine stations. The goal is to extend an advance mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to remote areas and use for emergency situations.

Before the partnership both companies worked with Verizon and shared common customers. At the time, GlobalMed equipment relied on Verizon’s own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, but needed something more rugged and capable in the field.

Verizon suggests DH Wireless join GlobalMed at Operation Convergent Response, a live event that puts the latest crisis response innovations in first responders” hands. By enacting staged field exercises, such as a flood scenario or a highway pileup, they tested the PDN with the GlobalMed Transportable Exam Station from different connectivity points and devices.

Recently, DH Wireless expanded their portable line to include the Mobile Portable Amplifier (MPA), a smart cellular booster that improves cellular phone and digital data communications in fringe network coverage areas and can also be used with the PDN.

“This partnership springs from our shared commitment to enabling immediate clinical care even in the most dire and challenging situations,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, GlobalMed Founder and CEO. “With the PDN’s extended connectivity, GlobalMed solutions enable providers to establish triage centers and communicate back to hospitals, 911 dispatchers, military units, plus other teams.


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