GE Investing in the Future

GE is investing and collaborating with Formlabs, CMR Surgical Ltd, and Decisio Health, on novel healthcare projects requiring further development involving 3 D printing, robotic surgery, and virtual patient monitoring.

Formlabs is a Massachusetts based manufacturer of advanced, affordable 3D printers to help clinicians easily and quickly print anatomical models at the point-of-care. These models can accurately visualize patient anatomy and disease for improved communication within the medical team and can provide better hands-on case-based teaching models and enhanced patient educations.

Radiologists can also use GE Healthcare’s Advantage Workstation to prepare 3 D CT or MRI data to assist in diagnosis and procedure planning, then export using 3 D Suite in a form that is ready for 3 D printing on Formlabs systems or viewable in virtual or augmented reality in seconds.

GE Healthcare has participated as a minority investor in a $240 million funding round for CMR Surgical Ltd., the U.K.-based developer of a surgical robotic system called Versius. The system, a small modular and cost effective surgical robotic system, is able to expand the use of minimal access surgery which will enable the lessening of trauma and speed up recovery time for patients. Combining the use of Versius with GE’s portfolio of surgical imaging systems and AI tools, the way surgeries are performed today could change worldwide.

GE Healthcare is investing in Decisio Health, a Houston Texas-based software company specializing in clinical surveillance will help to expand into the virtual care space and revolutionize patient monitoring.

Decisio’s solutions provide a real time consolidated view of patients from multiple systems across a care area, hospital, or an entire network. By combining GE’s digital clinical platforms with Decisio’s visualization software, clinical teams will be able to merge latent and retrospective data within EMRs and real time patient data to help improve clinical decision-making.

In another innovative move, GE Healthcare has launched the Edison Developer Program to accelerate the adoption and impact of intelligent applications and developer services across health systems.

This program is based on Edison, GE Healthcare’s secure intelligence platform and helps healthcare providers gain easier access to market-ready algorithms and applications by directly integrating the technologies into existing workflows.


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