USAID Issues Grant Notice

The U.S, Agency for International Development (USAID) posted the grant notice “Country Health Information Systems and Data Use” (CHISU) on October 18, 2019 with estimated funding for $200,000,000.

USAID seeks to award a cooperative agreement to strengthen health information systems in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). The overall goal of CHISU is to strengthen country capacity and leadership to manage and use health information systems to improve evidence-based decisions.

Priority health interventions and technical areas of emphasis include infectious diseases, global health security, other public health threats, maternal and child health, newborn health, and reproductive health.

Strategic areas will focus primarily on host country strategic health information systems, health systems strengthening, development of new tools and innovative systems, capacity building, and analytics.

The project will focus on enhancing host-country capacity to produce high quality health information to optimally manage this information and to institutionalize evidence-based decision making. The goal is to align activities, priorities, and systems with host country strategic health objectives.

Over the years, global health projects have been involved in data collection and health information. Recognizing the need for health data to inform decisions, USAID has supported the Demographic Health Survey and various phases of the MEASURE Evaluation Project, which has played an integral role in USAID’s support for electronic and paper-based health information systems.

As a result, USAID was able to roll out the “District Health Information Systems” (DHIS) which also included the second version (DHIS2) in many countries. In addition, several tools have been introduced along with approaches on how to assess readiness and be able to monitor and manage health information systems.

USAID welcomes applications from organizations that have not previously received financial assistance from USAID. The closing date for applications is November 26, 2019. Go to for more details.

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