TeleMeditar Launched in Latin America

GlobalMed, an international provider of virtual health solutions, recently announced the launch of TeleMeditar, a South American telemedicine program designed to transform healthcare delivery across Argentina and neighboring nations.

Meditar, the largest managed healthcare company in Latin America will integrate GlobalMed solutions into their state-of-the-art facilities to extend advanced care to even the most remote parts of Argentina.

Meditar Founder and President Erwin Padinger predicts that TeleMeditar Direct-To-Consumer Telehealth Services will reach more than one million patients in the first six months which could fundamentally change population health outcomes across Argentina.

GlobalMed Founder and CEO Joel E. Barthelemy attended the TeleMeditar launch on August 14 at the U.S Embassy in Buenos Aires, accompanied by Neal Schoenbach, GlobalMed’s Vice President of Business Development. The event was attended by Meditar leaders, Argentina Ministry of Health Officials, Healthcare CEOs, researchers, and physicians.

Unlike telehealth tools previously available in the region, GlobalMed’s data driven devices and virtual care delivery platform eNcounter® empowers TeleMeditar providers to deliver outcome focused consultations by incorporating biometric and clinical evidence in each virtual consultation.

TeleMeditar has also solved connectivity issues that previously limited virtual health in many parts of Latin America. Store-and-Forward capabilities mean GlobalMed’s virtual health platform can be used even in rural villages without internet service and make it possible for diagnostic images and data to be transmitted in real time even in areas with low bandwidth.

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