Funds Authorized for Broadband

The FCC has authorized $112.2 million over the next decade to expand broadband to nearly 48,000 unserved rural homes and businesses in nine states. This funding represents the fifth wave of support from last year’s Connect America Fund Phase II Auction Broadband providers will begin receiving funding later in September.

In total, the auction last year allocated 1,488 billion over the next ten years to expand broadband to more than 700,000 unserved rural homes and small businesses nationwide. Today’s auction brings total authorized funding to over $1 billion. The funding will be used to expand connectivity to 388,000 homes and businesses nationwide. Additional rounds will be authorized in the coming months.

In another move, on August 1, the FCC proposed taking their biggest single step toward closing the rural digital divide by establishing the “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund” to direct up to $20.4 billion to expand high speed broadband in unserved rural areas.

Go to for more information on the proposed “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund”.

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