$50 M to Support NVY Innovation

Longtime supporters Rita E. Hauser and Gustave M. Hauser have given more than $50 million since 2011 to New York Presbyterian Hospital (NVP) https://www.nyp.org enabling NYP to establish the “Hauser Institute for Health Innovation” to make it possible to support the operations of NYP’s telemedicine programs. 

The Hauser’s previous generosity led to the creation of “NYP OnDemand”, the hospital’s suite of telemedicine services. NVP OnDemand in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University, allows patients to communicate with physicians from a mobile phones, tablets, and computers with self-service kiosks at some Walgreens and Duane Reade Stores throughout New York City.

On Demand services also include “Express Care” enabling patients to access emergency medicine physicians through a live video chat, provide virtual visits, for pre and post-follow-up appointments with their doctors, and patients are also able to get second opinions to help make informed decisions about their treatment.

The Hauser’s funding support has enabled New York Presbyterian’s fleet of “Mobile Stroke Treatment Units” to be updated to bring faster care to patients by using advance telemedicine technology to enable neurologists from hospital locations to be consulted remotely.

The funding for the Health Innovation Center will enable the “Clinical Operations Center” (CLOC), a remote monitoring system and commend center, to connect clinical care programs throughout the system. CLOC enables nurses to track physiologic data on patients in the emergency department in real time as well as monitor the temperature of the refrigerators that store lifesaving medicines.

The funding for the Health Innovation Center will also enable tele-paramedics to help high risk patents leaving the hospital, allow Emergency Management Services teams to visit patients in their homes and then connect the patients to the appropriate specialist during the home visit.

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