Tyto Joins App Orchard Marketplace

New York based Tyto Care’s, https://www.tytocare.com all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform used for on-demand remote medical exams has recently joined the Epic App Orchard Marketplace https://apporchard.epic.com.

The Epic marketplace integration allows patients to use the Tyto Care examination device and consumer app in unified workflow with Epic’s MyChart patient app. Upon completion of the telehealth visit, exam data captured by Tyto Care is automatically transferred to Epic’s EHR.

Also the App Orchard Marketplace enables developers to learn about EPIC’s APIs and list their apps for Epic community members to explore and access hundreds of APIs. Developers also have opportunities to collaborate and receive support from Epic developers.

Patients using MyChart can initiate a live or scheduled Tyto Care telehealth visit with a remote telehealth provider directly from within the app. Also, care providers can launch the Tyto Clinician App from Epic’s HyperSpace desktop app to remotely join the telehealth visit with the patient.

During the visit, the provider can control the Tyto Care device to examine the patient, and is able to capture temperature readings, skin images, heart and lung auscultations, and recordings of the throat and ears to make a remote diagnoses in acute care situations.


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