Serving Revenue Cycle Management

 Apprio, or, a provider of specialized technology solutions for the health, defense, and homeland security markets, has created ApprioHealth, a new commercially focused business unit to serve the unique revenue cycle management requirements of hospitals and health systems.

ApprioHealth will deliver services and advanced technology solutions tailored for health organizations’ revenue cycle needs. The system’s goal is to revolutionize the way hospitals and health systems use technology to enroll patients in available coverage options while maximizing revenue from existing payers for treatment provided.

The company will deliver a series of revenue cycle management services through their RevQuest™ platform such as:

  • Enrollment—ApprioHealth works with healthcare systems to identify and secure all available coverage options for patients to help providers’ better collect revenue for the services provided. ApprioHealth also helps patients find local, state, and federal programs for eligible patients and assists in the enrollment process
  • Disability Services—ApprioHealth helps to identify and represents providers’ potentially disabled patients. The team guides patients through the complicated disability application process and if needed, represents patients throughout any related appeals. The team works on behalf of providers to help their patients receive their benefits which impacts providers’ accounts receivable
  • Liability Claims Services—Supports providers by identifying the appropriate third-party payers and submitting claims, and enables ApprioHealth to help providers increase revenues. The team identifies and manages claims surrounding motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, and general liability.


Apprio works with CMS, HHS and other federal health agencies. The company understands the opportunities and regulations related to federal payers and builds solutions that comply with all relevant federal regulations.

The company’s existing health IT services include claims administration, software engineering EHRs, program management, big data, interoperability, information security, credentialing, and enterprise architecture plus other services.

ApprioHealth led by Donny Zamora who serves as the division’s President said, “By combining Apprio’s health IT expertise and knowledge of federal and state regulations along with utilizing the know-how of well trained, highly skilled revenue cycle experts, we can accomplish something truly special.”





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