DOD’s “TechLink” Helps Tech Transfer

TechLink is the Department of Defense’s (DOD) only national partnership intermediary for technology transfer. TechLink helps companies’ license DOD inventions for conversion into new products and services.

TechLink has developed the only complete database of all DOD patents issued since 1997. The database is accessible on the Defense TechLink website and searchable by companies seeking DOD inventions.

TechLink  within Montana State University’s Office of Research and Economic Development is in place to help DOD establish licensing and other technology transfer agreements with U.S industry.

An example of a successful project, Philips Healthcare in 2018, signed a non-exclusive patent license agreement with the U.S Air Force Research Laboratory for a mobile software application that can provide integrated real-time patient monitoring.

The technology known as “Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit” or called Batdok™, a software application, was developed by the 7111th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Batdok designed as a wearable technology allows a medic to efficiently monitor multiple casualties in the field using a smartphone or tablet. According to the company, adaptation for civilian applications will advance telemedicine capabilities.

Wireless sensors placed on the patient send vital sign information to the device, providing medical personnel with enhanced decision-making when alerted to changes in a patient’s condition. The application also records all vital signs and information logged by the attending staff, with seamless data transfers during patient handoff.

According to Kirk Hendler, Philips Vice President of Business Development for Government Solutions, “TechLink assisted Hendler with the preparation of a license application and commercialization plan that included government and civilian applications to further develop and commercialize the product.

“Many of DOD’s medical inventions have potential dual-use civilian applications”, said Joan Wu-Singel, Senior Technology Manager at TechLink. “In this case, Batdok can be used in hospital settings, ambulances, and we’re are hoping it can help address opioid abuse through dosage monitoring.”

TechLink also partners to help Veterans Administration (VA)  researchers located at medical centers throughout the U.S., conduct basic and advanced preclinical and clinical research on rehabilitation, mental health, prosthetics, pain management, and chronic diseases affecting military veterans.

The VA’s collection of inventions include medical devices such as advanced prosthetics, catheters, and mobility enhancing wheelchairs along with therapies for autism and obesity. These inventions are available to qualified businesses that might be able to transform them into products and treatments. The partnership between TechLink and the VA will help more companies find VA technologies that can be introduced to commercial markets.










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