Telehealth Serving Remote Areas

Visionflex, an Australian company, provides telehealth equipment to the remote village of Wanaaring with around 140 people. Visionflex CEO Mike Harman traveled a long distance to Wanaaring to install the company’s ProEX Telehealth Hub equipment into a specially designed lockable workstation. This enabled a local nurse to connect residents in Wanaaring via satellite to a general practitioner or specialist for a remote consultation.

According to Mike Harman, the VF-Cabinet was designed in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, a comprehensive aeromedical organization providing emergency and primary healthcare services to people in rural, remote, and regional areas of Australia.

The ProEX supports a comprehensive range of interchangeable accessories including an endoscopic camera, LED light sources, and the GEIS general exam camera. The Pro EX Mobile, a ruggedized TH hub with a portable dual battery can deliver the next generation remote medical care even in extremely remote areas such as Antarctica.

The Centre for Antarctic, Remote and Maritime Medicine (CARMM) is based in the Australian Antarctic Gateway city of Hobart, Tasmania.  An expert network in Antarctica delivers remote comprehensive maritime medicine and support for the Australian Antarctic Program as well as for other organizations operating in Antarctica.

CARMM consolidates Australia’s only established network of Australian Antarctic medical and human biology cold climate health expertise and offers:

  • A collaborative center of excellence for clinical practice, vocational and postgraduate training, education, and research
  • Recruitment and training of generalist and specialist health professionals in Tasmania with skills applicable to Antarctic, Remote, and Maritime medical practice
  • Innovations developed for telehealth using frontier medicine technology

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