Launching a Social Health Network

Kaiser Permanente is launching “Thrive Local” a comprehensive far reaching social health network. To accomplish the launch, Kaiser Permanente is partnering with “Unite Us”, a social care coordination platform, to connect healthcare and social services providers.

Recent data indicates that in certain regions, up to 29 percent of Kaiser Permanente’s members with the greatest medical challenges, are also dealing with food insecurity, concerns about housing stability which are critical issues that the “Thrive Local” network will address.

The new “Thrive Local” network will start rolling out this summer. Within three years, it will be available to all of Kaiser Permanente’s 12.3 million members and the 68 million people in the communities served by Kaiser Permanente.

The communities served will enable providers and caregivers to have unparalleled capabilities to seamlessly match an individual’s social needs with the appropriate services from within a robust network of nonprofit, public, and private resources.

In addition to being integrated into Kaiser Permanente’s EHR system, Thrive Local’s network of resources will also be made available to community-based organizations to efficiently reach the broadest possible group of those in need.

The network will also track community partner referrals and service outcomes to measure the degree to which participant’s needs are met. Data will be gathered to continuously improve service delivery and to better address community conditions for health. Kaiser Permanente is partnering and investing in “Unite Us” to build and power the network.

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