Military Forecasts Grant Notice

As announced May 1, 2019, the FY19 “The Accelerating Innovation in Military Medicine Initiative” (FY 19 AIMM Initiative) is anticipated to be posted on June 2019 as directed by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. 

The management for the anticipated funding (FY19 AIMM) is the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. (CDMRP) Independent investigators at all academic levels are eligible to respond to the FY19 AIMM research award. Maximum funding is anticipated to be $350,000 for direct costs plus indirect costs.

Applications submitted to the FY19 AIMM initiative must address at least one of the following focus areas:

  • Algorithms/tools for decision support in a deployed or operational environment to diagnose military relevant diseases, illnesses, or injuries, or to prescribe mitigation and treatment strategies, and/or determine the risk to the warfighter’s return to duty
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep learning for integrating heterogeneous data streams and analyzing data from wearable to support making informed healthcare decisions. Wearable sensor systems may pertain to but are not limited to infectious disease diagnosis, physiologic status monitoring, informing real-time casualty location and triage, and/or environmental monitoring
  • AI/deep learning for analyzing and interrogating large medical data sets to identify patterns/predictors of disease, illness, or injury, and/or identify treatment outcomes


Projects need to support highly creative and conceptually innovative high risk research with the potential to accelerate critical discoveries or major advancement that will significantly impact military health and medicine.

Projects proposed should be relevant to at least one DOD medical research program area. Cross-cutting research projects with the potential to benefit multiple DOD medical research program areas are highly encouraged.

Go to for news on the anticipated announcement.

For more information on other CDMRP administered programs, go to or contact CDMRP Public Affairs (301) 619-9783.

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