Navicent Health Signs Agreements

Navicent Health’s Center for Disruption & Innovation (CfDI) is collaborating with Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center’s (ATDC) Health Tech Program. This effort will help patients in central and South Georgia develop new technologies, treatments, and care created by healthcare technology-oriented companies in the state.

Today, ATDC has more than 40 startups in their Health Tech portfolio, focused on a number of sectors to include population health, caregiver support, patient billing, precision medicine, genomics, medical devices, diagnostics, data analytics, and improvements in drug research. Navicent Health’s CfDI with Georgia Tech’s ATDC will provide resources for startups in their Health Tech portfolio.

ATDC startups selected to collaborate with CfDI will receive:

  • A standard curriculum for conducting “proof of concept” studies plus support tools to understand how to engage future health systems
  • Direct clinical exposure on how customers will engage with their product
  • Ideas on how to develop and commercialize jointly on new products that may be introduced in partnership with a well-established health system partner


Navicent Health also has signed an agreement with SynsorMed, a startup incubated at Navicent Health’s CfDI to ensure COPD patients are given information on how to use a mobile app to connect COPD patients with care coordinators at Navicent Health.

A six month trial was conducted with 20 Navicent COPD patients using SynsorMed’s mobile app now available on Google and iOS. Patients have been able to significantly reduce smoking rates and have seen significant reductions in COPD symptoms such as chest tightness and wheezing.

“This isn’t just a digital tool as the patients realize they have a care team reviewing their daily survey responses, and helping them manage their condition,” according to Theo Harvey, Cofounder and CEO of SynsorMed.

The HIPPA compliant enabled patient monitoring solution may also be integrated into EMRs. An easy to use format enables multiple patient populations use the app. While benefitting patients, the use of the app helps to reduce readmission and in addition is also beneficial to hospitals and health systems.


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