USDA Invests in Rural Communities

USDA is investing $91 million to build or improve community facilities and essential services for nearly 300,000 rural residents in 12 states. The 16 projects being funded through USDA’s “Community Facilities Direct Loan Program” will provide funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas with no more than 20,000 residents.

The funding will help improve and provide for facilities including hospitals. Other examples of community facilities that are eligible for loans include not only hospitals, but also medical clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes of assisted living facilities, plus provide utility services for telemedicine or for distance learning equipment.

The funded projects are located in Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. Eligible recipients for loans include public bodies, community-based non-profit corporations, and Federally-recognized Tribes.

For example, in Texas, the Coleman County Medical Center District is going to receive $13,608,000 to upgrade their hospital to better serve the 8,895 residents in the county and surrounding communities. The funds will be used to renovate the hospital and to better enhance their cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy facilities, and improve their emergency departments.

Also, Allwell Behavioral Health Services will receive $2,275,000 to construct an 11,500 square foot building in Allwell’s Coshocton County location which provides care for about 1,379 patients annually. This will enable Allwell to provide comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment services not only in Coshocton County, but also in several other countries.

Go to https://www.rd.usda.goc for more information on the Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program.

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