Governor Signs Executive Order

Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado has signed an Executive Order establishing the “Office of Saving People Money on Health Care” (The Office) to be led by the LT. Governor Dianne Primavera.  The goal is to study, identify, and implement policies that will lower healthcare costs while ensuring all Coloradans have access to affordable quality care.

The Governor realizes although there has been a reduction in the number of uninsured Colorado residents, people across the state, especially those in rural and mountain communities are losing ground because they can’t afford the care and coverage needed.

The plan is to develop proposals for new lower cost health insurance options by empowering the Division of Insurance to protect consumers and adequately support rural and mountain communities, increase hospital price transparency, and establish programs to reduce prescription drug prices.

The Office may also examine the potential for cost savings by improving access to primary care and behavioral healthcare services, assess the need for regulatory oversight in order to promote cost reductions, help state resident improve their own health through healthy eating and active living, and encourage experimentation with new forms of healthcare pricing and payment models.

The Office will:

  • Establish a permanent interdepartmental Health Care Cabinet consisting of all agencies charged with healthcare oversight, management, delivery, and financing
  • Coordinate relevant public and private stakeholders across state agencies and between state and federal projects to advise The Office on issues
  • Develop policies and strategies to support innovation and efficiencies in healthcare systems to reduce healthcare costs
  • Work to lower healthcare costs across the state, regardless of geographic location, insurance coverage, income level, race, religion, sex, national origin, English language proficiency, age, disability, immigration status, or political affiliation
  • Promote public health and address social determinants of health.
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