CHA Fund Releases RFP

The Colorado Health Access (CHA) Fund managed by the Denver Foundation is improving health outcomes and increasing access to behavioral healthcare for underserved populations in the state. The Colorado Health Institute issued a report noting that that the majority of Colorado Health Statistic Regions now include mental/behavioral healthcare as a local public health priority.

As a result, the Fund is focusing on behavioral healthcare projects that will provide education to address high health needs, provide for transitions in care, improve care delivery, and improve access to care particularly in rural communities.

The CHA Fund on January 3, 2019, issued a 2019 Request for Proposal (RFP) “Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Care in Colorado”. The CHA Fund seeks RFP applicants focused on treatments rather than on the prevention or identification of behavioral health issues. The CHA Fund will especially support organizations that have formed collaborations and are working together to meet shared goals around behavioral health.

Grant awards for a 12 month period are expected to range from $50,000 to $250,000 with proposals due March 8, 2019. Grants may be awarded for up to three consecutive years. Grants will be awarded primarily to nonprofit organizations but may be awarded to government agencies if they collaborate with a nonprofit and can demonstrate that the community outcomes in behavioral healthcare for those with high healthcare needs will be met via the collaboration.

Go to www.denverfoundation:org/community/Special-Projects-Funds/Colorado-Health-Access-Fund to view the Colorado Health Access Fund’s RFP. For more information, email

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