Navigator Partnering with Tyto

Navigator Health delivering clinical content for digital health, telemedicine, and eHealth applications is partnering with the telehealth company Tyto Care

As a result of the partnership, Health Navigator’s “Symptom Checker” has been integrated into the latest version of Tyto Care’s telehealth platform to provide more comprehensive clinical data to healthcare providers and clinicians.

The “Symptom Checker is able to factor in age, gender, pregnancy status, symptoms, known medical problems, and other clinical factors. The data can be used to generate a list of possible causes and triage recommendations for a specific symptom or problem.

This system uses a structured database of curated content and acts as a digital health assistant to guide patients through the use of digital health tools. The system includes symptom data, patient history, and Tyto physical exams.

The system will be integrated into the Tyto Care hand held modular examination tool and telehealth platform to examine the heart, lungs, skin ears, throat, and abdomen to measure body temperature anywhere at any time.

Symptom data can be sent to a clinician upfront for use during a live telehealth visit, allowing the doctor to guide the patient through the most pertinent exams in real time or ahead of an exam and then be able to forward the offline telehealth session along with exam data.

“Integrating Health Navigator’s advanced solution helps us to bring the best healthcare possible to patients from the comfort of home, said Ophir Lotan, Vice President. “We look forward to using our joint technology to provide the maximum level of clinical information for providers to further inform their remote diagnoses.”





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