Software Integrated with EHRs

Carevive, a health technology company building cancer care management and patient engagement solutions to improve patient quality of life and clinical outcomes, and Cerner, a cloud-based oncology technology company, have recently announced the deployment of their integrated cancer care management software.

“While the healthcare technology industry has made good progress with interoperability, leveraging oncology information from the EHR to use for care planning management and research purposes, there are still information seeking challenges for cancer clinicians and researchers,” said Madelyn Herzfeld, Co-Founder and CEO of Carevive.

To improve care for cancer patients, Carevive is integrating their patient care planning software with Cerner Oncology ™ to interact with each patient’s EHR. The integrated software helps clinicians personalize treatment decision-making by having access to current and patient-specific oncology information such as clinical and patient-reported data.

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