Partners Connected Health News

Partners Connected Health is launching a new Center of Excellence in collaboration with Persistent Systems, a software development and deployment powerhouse.

The Center called “Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs” will focus on patient-centered care delivery using digital tools to meet the needs of the patient. Partners Healthcare Pivot Labs will design, validate, and deploy patient-centric solutions using Persistent Systems’ ability to develop and deploy digital innovations directly to providers and consumers.

The new Center will focus on transformative collaborations with other healthcare players to break down silos and accelerate ideas through the entire development life cycle. This will take place from ideas, prototyping, and validation to scaled deployments.

In other news, Partners Connected Health has launched their new mobile app “PGHS Connect Platform” which allows patients and providers to easily share patient-generated health data from 250 devices and connects with Apple HealthKit and Samsung Health. . These health devices include activity trackers, wearables, sensors, and remote monitoring devices.

The PGHD Connect mobile app is HIPAA compliant, is simple and user-friendly, and operates on both android and iOS platforms. The app is responsive for both smartphones and tablet use. The PGHD Connect mobile app will be available for free from Google Play and the App Store starting November 2018.


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