Developing Telemonitoring Study

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Professor Rene Pekmezaris PhD received a $3 million research award from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to study home telemonitoring for patients in   underserved Hispanic communities living with type 2 diabetes.

Thirty three percent of all Hispanics living in the U.S will develop type 2 diabetes. Half will experience an illness burden and mortality rate that is 50 to 100 percent higher than non-Hispanic whites.

Previous studies examined diabetes telemedicine programs in low-income communities. The studies found the program to be effective, but as of yet, there isn’t a program tailored to the specific needs of Hispanic communities.

The new study has two phases. In the first phase, the research team will be guided by a diabetes Community Advisory board comprised of patients, caregivers, and patient advocates such as the American Diabetes Association.

Also serving on the board, are clinicians from multiple disciplines, including insurance representatives, health policy, and disparities experts with the goal to identify important health and medical needs in the Hispanic community.

In the second phase, the researchers will conduct a randomized clinical trial to determine whether the health of Hispanic patients who receive the adapted telemonitoring intervention improve as compare to patients who received standard outpatient care.

In the clinical trial portion of the study, healthcare providers will conduct regular online video visits with patients which will enable patients to monitor and share their health data and symptoms with their clinicians using a tablet in the home.

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