Partnering to Improve Healthcare

Amgen and the County of Los Angeles announced that Amgen a founding sponsor of BioLA, have formed a new organization focused on advancing a life science innovation hub in Los Angeles County The hub is going to strengthen the County’s life sciences ecosystem and accelerate the pace of startup activity.

BioLA’s goal is to ensure that the County has the collaborative highly coalesced ecosystem needed to translate cutting-edge science and technology from academic centers into successful companies.

BioLA will bring together stakeholders to include academic institutions, research hospitals, investors, startups, mature companies, trade associations, and public and quasi-public agencies to advance the pace of innovation. BioLA will also support the innovation community which includes strategic investors and local executive talent development.

Amgen is also partnering with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to improve healthcare quality in areas that include oncology, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and migraines.

The partnering between the organizations will jointly undertake research projects in one or more of the therapeutic areas and plans are to focus on projects that should achieve better clinical outcomes, experience, and patient satisfaction.

Proposed initial projects to be undertaken under the three year agreement will focus on cancer therapies. The partnership also plans to evaluate ways to help improve medication adherence through technology or other healthcare solutions.

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