Pioneering Program Integrates Data

The Center for Connected Health, a division of Partners HealthCare has launched a pioneering program to support a redesigned care delivery system. Patient data collected at home such as vital signs including blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose is transmitted electronically. The vital signs are viewable through the Partners HealthCare medical records system with the data accessible within the established clinical workflow.

Partners’ healthcare providers are able to easily and seamlessly access personal health data for patients enrolled in connected health programs which is then transmitted securely via computer, smartphone or tablet to the Center’s remote monitoring database.

Remotely monitored data is now viewable on the same computer screen as the patient’s other health data. This enables Partners clinicians to have a more complete picture of the patient’s condition, even while the patient is at home while protecting the privacy and security of confidential patient information. The Center’s remote monitoring database currently stores over 1.2 million patient vital signs.

Patients by regularly collecting and submitting their vital signs enable providers to more effectively assess the patient’s status and provide just-in-time care. The Center’s Blood Pressure Connect program is just one example of how Partners uses technology to improve patient care and clinical outcomes. Many of the Center’s patients have been able to lower their blood pressure due to better awareness of their condition and have made lifestyle changes as a result of their participation in Blood Pressure Connect.

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