CancerLinQ’s 1st Certified EHR

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) oversees the development and operation of CancerLinQ®, a health information technology platform. CancerLinQ and Integra Connect  have an agreement to collaborate on products and services needed to provide access to the CancerLinQ platform.

To become a CancerLinQ Certified EHR, the EHR system must:

  • Support the creation and maintenance of health records which must include individual identifiable oncology and/or hematology patient information
  • Maintain a leading industry standard for the recording or precise structured standardized clinical data
  • Must meet certain federal standards for EHR technology, interoperability, privacy, and safety
  • Achieve the continuous, secure transfer of data to the CancerLinQ system from patients associated with practices that participate in CancerLinQ and use the EHR
  • Participate with the cancer community to drive interoperability, establish core data elements, and support standardize data approaches


“This certification and collaboration with Integra represents progress in our efforts to seamlessly transfer oncology-related data and deliver it to practices in the CancerLinQ network” said, CancerLinQ CEO, Cory Wiegert.

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