Protecting Wireless Devices

Virginia Tech is working towards harnessing a new area of artificial intelligence to improve wireless performance related to wireless devices. The university and the start-up DeepSig an Arlington-based company, recently signed a licensing agreement towards achieving that goal.

The signed licensing agreement will enable DeepSig to further develop wireless communications and cybersecurity technology invented by researchers at Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology .

According to Tim O’Shea, Virginia Tech Researcher, and DeepSig Founder, “The technology will leverage a field of artificial intelligence called machine learning in a new way to be used to design the next generation of powerful wireless communications systems that will be faster, more cost efficient, more secure, and easier to deploy than today’s wireless systems.”

DeepSig is one of eight start-up companies founded by Virginia Tech faculty affiliated with the Hume Center. The companies have raised over $120 million in venture funding since 2012 and currently employ nearly 200 people.

To further develop cybersecurity, the “Commonwealth Cyber Initiative” is a $25 million investment, https://vt.ecu/cci-bluprint.html included in the 2018-2020 Virginia state budget. Virginia Tech is leading the initiative by building cyber related research, education, and engagement through a primary hub to be located in Northern Virginia. The university is also developing a network of spoke sites across the Commonwealth to work with other universities in Virginia plus provide partnerships with industry partners.

The goal is to catalyze research, innovation, commercialize cybersecurity technologies, and address the state’s need for growth of advanced degrees and professional training within the cyber workforce.

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