Philips & Air Force Sign Agreement

Philips Healthcare has signed a non-exclusive patent license agreement with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory for a mobile software application to provide integrated real-time patient monitoring. The patent license agreement completed on July 10, 2018, allows Philips to finalize product development

Known as the “Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit” (Batdok), the software application was developed by the 711th Human Performance Wing at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Designed as a wearable technology, Batdok allows a medic to efficiently monitor multiple casualties in the field using a smartphone or tablet. Wireless sensors placed on the patient sends information to the device.  

Medical personnel are then alerted to changes in a patient’s condition, but the application also records all vital signs and information logged by the attending staff, with the data transferring during patient transfers.

Kirk Hendler, Philips’ Vice President of Business Development for Government Solutions, observed the technology in action during military testing last year. The Department of Defense’s TechLink involved in technology transfer, assisted Hendler with the preparation of a license application and commercialization plan.

According to Joan Wu-Singel, Senior Technology Manager at TechLink, “Batdok could be used in hospital settings, ambulances, plus the thinking is also to use Batok to help address opioid abuse through dosage monitoring.






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