Pediatric Networks on the Rise

A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) serving children and medical providers was recently created for the Washington D.C region. The Children’s National Health System and community-based clinicians spent more than a year planning, developing and performing market analysis, to establish the Pediatric Health Network.

The network led by community pediatricians and a full time executive director, will improve pediatric health outcomes by strengthening connections between primary care and specialty care experts. By working through a formal network, data will be analyzed and best practices shared to enhance the quality, cost, and efficiency for patient care.

According to Kurt Newman MD, President and CEO of Children’s National, “We have created the pediatric CIN to establish critical infrastructure, data sharing, and best practices to better support better care for the children in their own communities.”

Terry Lindquist who played an instrumental role in establishing the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Health Network in 2013, will lead the Pediatric health Network as its first Executive Director.

In another part of the country, the Pediatric Care Network, is the largest clinically integrated network in the state of Colorado. The network founded in 2016 and launched in 2017, is a collaboration among pediatric providers, specialists at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, and Children’s Hospital Colorado

More than 1,400 providers now partnering within the Pediatric Care Network, include 275 primary care providers and 1,175 specialty care providers. The Network led by the Board of managers and five subcommittees, is composed of independent community providers, University of Colorado, School of Medicine faculty, and Children’s Hospital Colorado leadership.

The Network uses a unified technology and analytics platform which allows the integration of multiple data sources to analyze and compare quality and cost to improve patient care and reduce costs.

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