Texas Clinics Receive $10 Million

The Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) http://www.episcopalhealth.org in Houston Texas, recently awarded grants totaling $10 million to community-based clinics across the state. The goal is to strengthen the clinics and organizations in the state to provide a wider range of health services in an increased effort to identify and prevent the underlying causes of poor health in local communities.

University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston https://www.uth.edu received $1 million to use to transform the system of reproductive health by changing practices within clinics. The plan is to improve access to effective contraceptive services for low income women.

Community Care in Austin http://communitycaretx.org received $892, 217 to expand a team-based model to include community health workers, pharmacists, dieticians, and physicians.  Also, $400,000 went to the Stephen F. Austin Community Health Network to develop a fully integrated primary care and behavioral health system at clinics http://www.specialhealth.org.

EHF also awarded grants to twenty clinics to strengthen their service, and to eight organizations working to expand access to health insurance coverage for eligible Texans, including minority populations, low income families, and the homeless.

EHF also supports the integration of behavioral health services into primary care clinics. For example, $150,000 was awarded to Genesis PrimeCare https://www.genesisprimecare.org, to integrate behavioral health services into its primary care clinic in Marshall Texas. Also, the Palachios Community Medical Center http://www.palachioshospital.net received $100,000 to expand access add behavioral health services, and provide additional specialty care services.

EHF awarded $250,000 to Special Health Resources for Texas http://www.specialhealth.org  located in Cherokee and Gregg counties to support the expansion of integrated behavioral health services especially to rural communities.

Another grant for $160,000 was awarded to Lone Star Circle of Care Clinics in Bastrop and Williamson counties https://lonestarcares.org to help provide better care management for patients with chronic disease and connect these patients to specialty care and social services.

Funds were also provided to eight organizations to use to expand access to health insurance coverage for eligible people in Texas, to include minority populations, low income families, and the homeless.

“If all the health system offers is more medical procedures, the system isn’t addressing the factors that determine health,” said EHF President and CEO Elena Marks. “Clinics are key change agents to move health resources toward community prevention and this funding will help clinics put some of these plans in motion.”

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