Aspen Institute Seeks “Big Ideas”

Former Secretaries of HHS Kathleen Sebelius and Tommy Thompson, Co-Chairs of the Aspen Health Strategy Group (AHSG) as part of the Health, Medicine and Society program at the Aspen Institute seeks creative approaches and “Big Ideas” on how to prevent chronic diseases.

The health system is working to improve care for people with chronic conditions plus communities are also working to address the issue but more needs to be done. To make a real difference, we must work to prevent chronic diseases. Changing dietary guidelines and encouraging physical activity isn’t moving the needle enough.

AHSG’s public call for “Big Ideas” is specifically seeks information on the most promising models to use to prevent chronic diseases and how can health systems, communities, and policymakers work together toward this goal.

AHSG realizes that good ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone so this solicitation is open to everyone. The AHSG staff and members will select up to five ideas that will then be presented during a session of “Spotlight Health” in June and be included in a paper that will be prepared later in the year.

Go to to submit your ideas. “Big Ideas” need to be submitted by June 8, 2018.

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