Upgrading Care Delivery for Patients

The Independence Health Group (Independence) https://www.ibx.com  headquartered in Philadelphia and the parent of Independence Blue Cross https://my.xfinity.comm, are in the process of launching a patient-centered technology and communications platform with Comcast to improve the efficiency of the care delivery process.

The goal of the new internet-based platform is to provide a patient with access to content and information related to their specific health care needs in their home or on-the-go, Comcast and Independence plan to make the platform accessible nationally across multiple distribution channels and devices.

Independence has a history of tackling difficult healthcare challenges by establishing partnerships and investing in scalable high-impact healthcare innovations. This includes innovating and funding healthcare digital initiatives such as “Achieve Well-being” a new motivating online toolset.

“Achieve Well-being” is free to employers and contains multiple focus areas such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, and financial well-being. The platform can also be configured based on the specific needs of their employees including the ability to add employee challenges, extra rewards, and incentives at an incremental cost.

Also, Independence members can access 24/7 health coaches and a multitude of care management programs along with discounts and reimbursements on health-related products and services.

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