Nashville Biosciences Launched

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has just launched a wholly owned subsidiary called “Nashville Biosciences” to harness and utilize VUMC’s extensive genomic and bioinformatics resources in order to advance drug and diagnostics discovery and development.

Prior to the official launch of “Nashville Biosciences”, VUMC has worked with a number of leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies that included Celgene Corporation, Pfizer Inc., Goldfinch Bio Inc.,, and Population Bio Inc.

The biosciences companies will enable pharmaceutical and other life science companies to obtain the wealth of data that the medical center stores in genomics and then utilize health information technology resources. The goal is to help patients with new treatments and ideas obtained from the data.

The Nashville Biosciences is familiar on how to utilize the research resources housed in VUMC. The data that is needed is housed in the databank BIOVU® which contains more than 250,000 DNA samples collected over the last decade, coupled with 2.8 million de-identified patient records.

“Partnering with the pharmaceutical and broader life sciences industry through Nashville Biosciences will enable VUMC to expand and support advancing translational and precision medicine,” said Leeland Ekstrom, PhD, COO at Nashville Biosciences.


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