Next Steps for Healthcare Project

In 2016, the World Economic Forum launched the “Value in Healthcare” project to create a vision for value-based health systems and in the second year has continued to focus on developing new models for multi-stakeholder cooperation.

The World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released the report for the third year, titled “Value in Healthcare: Mobilizing Cooperation for Health System Transformation”. The “Value in Healthcare” project will encourage and support more collective actions needed to make value-based healthcare a reality.

In 2017, the World Economic Forum initiated a series of pilots. The first pilot project worked with about 40 healthcare stakeholders in the Atlanta Georgia area to conduct a demonstration pilot called the “Atlanta Heart Failure Pilot”. The pilot pioneered a systemic approach to value-based healthcare with all stakeholders working together.

The pilot focused on health outcomes and the patient experience where stakeholders did a self- assessment of the strengths and weaknesses associated with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). One of the important needs was to establish an informatics team to establish a set of standard metrics for tracking CHF health outcomes.

Providers in Atlanta are collecting a full set of outcomes measures, including selected patient-reported outcome measures. The providers are going to share the data with the Georgia Health Information Network that manages the use and exchange of electronic health information for Georgia health providers.

In 2018, the project will apply lessons learned from the Atlanta pilot to additional pilots for health system transformation. For example, the “Ontario Type 2 Diabetes Pilot will work to reduce the prevalence and rate of complications from type 2 diabetes in Ontario by 2021.

Another pilot in Singapore, is holding discussions with three healthcare clusters in Singapore to organize a pilot focusing on coronary artery disease. The plans are to create an integrated approach to treatment to encompass primary care, acute hospital care, and community-based care services.

The possible third pilot will involve China. In June 2017, discussions were undertaken with officials and other local stakeholders about how to launch a pilot focused on type 2 diabetes or breast cancer.

Over time, the World Economic Forum hopes to create a global platform to accelerate the development of value-based healthcare around the world. The goal is to have the World Economic Forum bring together participants in global pilots for annual workshops where they can share methodology, learn from each other’s experiences, and develop approaches for scaling local pilots to the national and international level.

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