DLT Grants Available

USDA’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) program provides grants to encourage and improve telemedicine and distance learning services in rural areas through the use of telecommunications, computer networks, and related advanced technologies. USDA is giving priority to the DLT program so that applicants can propose innovative telemedicine projects to address the opioid epidemic in rural communities.

The USDA Funding Opportunity Notice (RUS-18-01-DLT) was posted on www.grants.gov on April 5, 2018. The FY 2018 maximum grant award is $500,000 with the minimum grant award to be $50,000. Applicants are required to provide a minimum 15 percent match with applications due June 4, 2018.

In addition, funds can be used to acquire instructional programming and to acquire technical assistance and instruction for using eligible equipment. Grant funds may be used to acquire:

  • Equipment for broadband
  • Audio, video, and interactive video equipment
  • Terminal and data terminal equipment
  • Computer hardware, network components, and software
  • Inside wiring and similar infrastructure to further DLT services.


Eligible applications can include state and local government, Federally-recognized tribes, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and a consortia of eligible entities.

Go to https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/distance-learning-telemedicine-grants for more information. For questions, email dltinfo@wdc.usda.gov or call 202-720-0800. Go to https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/fact-sheet/RD-FactSheet-RUS-DLTGrant.pdf to read the Fact Sheet.

For more details from the Federal Register announcement, go to www.gpo.gov April 3, 2018 page 14245.

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