Digital Platform to Help Employees

With the constant surge in new products and services entering the market, it is often difficult for companies to know which solution can best address their employees’ unique health challenges. To address this issue, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) is introducing the “Emerging Solutions” platform to help employees with their health and medical issues.

Emerging Solutions is available to self-insured accounts with 1,000 or more employees starting July 1, 2018. The offering includes nationally recognized solutions for diabetes prevention and management as well as fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

Blue Cross Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Klingler said, “Through the “Emerging Solutions” platform, we serve as a trusted advisr to our employer customers, working closely with them to identify the health solutions that will best address the specific needs of their employees.”

One health solution includes Livongo, a consumer digital health platform to help people with chronic conditions like diabetes live better and healthier lives. The platform is powered by advanced analytics to enable the system to create personalized experiences for members so they receive the right information, tools, and support at the right time.

Another health solution is going to be provided by Omada Health, a digital behavioral medicine company. This solution will enable people to change the habits that put them most at risk for chronic conditions like heart disease and particularly type 2 diabetes.

Omada Health is the largest CDC-recognized provider of the National Diabetes Prevention Program and has more than 140,000 participants enrolled. The program combines proven behavioral science, the use of professional health coaches and peer groups, with additional support provided by connected technology to deliver clinically meaningful results.

The third solution involving maternity and family benefits will be provided by Ovia Health Ovia Health’s innovative maternity and family benefits solutions proactively identifies potential health risks and supports women in their successful return to the workplace. Since 2012, Ovia Health has helped over eight million women and families.

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