Health System Using TE2 Platform

The Accesso Technology Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Henry Ford Health System to enable the health system to utilize “The Experience Engine” (TE2) platform developed by the Accesso Technology Group.

TE2 is a comprehensive digital experience and personalization platform providing real-time content and services via smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. The TE2 platform is able to build unique patient profiles compiled through the collection of active and passive data where it can then be integrated with EMRs.

These patient profiles feature:

  • Concierge services identifying the patient and family by name as they arrive
  • Providing real-time point-of-care and wayfinding support while inside the Henry Ford facilities
  • Enabling patients to provide a list of care preferences and order food during their stay
  • Making it possible to pay medical bills and copay payments by smartphone
  • Viewing patient feedback
  • Providing alerts so family members can know how the patient is progressing through an appointment.


Henry Ford will pilot the technology beginning in the fall of 2018 in preparations for a full multi-phase implementation to coincide with the grand opening of the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion which will be part of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute expected to open in 2020 .

Once the TE2 platform is fully implemented within the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, it will be expanded to other parts of the health system. Also, as part of the agreement, Henry Ford and Accesso will work to develop new digital solutions to standardize care pathways.

The work on developing new digital solutions will be conducted under a licensing agreement negotiated by Henry Ford Innovations responsible for leveraging the health system’s intellectual property. The next step would be to license the technology worldwide, which will help to develop new products, devices, and therapies for use in the future.

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