Orbita Rolls Out Enhancements

Orbita Inc. www.orbita.ai a provider of digital experience management solutions for voice and conversational AI technologies showcased the newest version of their Orbita Voice Platform to enable powerful healthcare applications at HIMSS 2018. Orbita’s newest technology uses voice assistive and conversational IT capable of creating powerful healthcare applications.

Bill Rogers, Orbita CEO reports, “As voice assistive and conversational applications for healthcare become more in demand, the ability to reach patients across any voice-enabled device or conversational interface is becoming more important.”

Rogers added, “Concerns about HIPAA regulations have tempered interest in voice-assistive applications based on devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Orbita is now focused on delivering platform enhancements and a new reference implementation that enables completely secure voice and chat bot solutions for HIPAA compliant smartphones, tablets, and custom devices.”

In another move to help the patient, Orbita reports their company and the Mayo Clinic have recently formed a relationship to deliver Mayo Clinic’s health and wellness content The combination existing between Orbita’s powerful voice platform and Mayo’s leading content is now going to reach audiences in much more effective ways and the use of expert content combined with technology will improve consumer education, patient care coordination, and clinical efficiency.

According to Sandhya Pruthi, MD, Associate Medical Director, for Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions, “By leveraging Orbita’s technology and expertise, we can extend beyond the traditional digital channels of web and mobile to enable meaningful content driven conversations at the time and place where information is most needed.”

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