Developing Telehealth Solutions

InTouch recently announced partnerships with North Carolina-based Mission Health and Pennsylvania-based Jefferson Health to jointly develop new telehealth solutions to improve patient access and quality of care while reducing overall healthcare costs.

After years of working separately with InTouch, Jefferson Health and Mission Health will share learnings from past projects and together are going to design mutually beneficial and innovative telehealth programs.

For five years, the partners will continue their commercial relationships but also identify new areas primarily within acute care and outpatient care where telehealth could be used by providers to streamline access to care and increase care coordination.

By using the InTouch Telehealth Network, the collaborative team from all three organizations will work to develop software and systems applications to support not only Jefferson Health, Mission Health, but also the broader healthcare markets nationwide.

InTouch Health will work with the team to create virtual care models across ten identified use cases, including stroke, sepsis, and acute heart failure. Once developed, these care models will be tested at Jefferson Health primarily in an urban setting and at Mission which is primarily a suburban and rural setting.

Prior to this new collaborative effort, Jefferson worked with InTouch using the company’s telestroke solution for close to ten years which served 30 hospitals in the Jefferson Neuroscience Network.

Mission Health also had worked with InTouch and now is able to provide telehealth services throughout western North Carolina which includes one of North Carolina’s longest standing telestroke networks as well as tele-psychiatric, tele-hospitalist, and tele-neonatology programs.

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