CareDox Secures $16 Million

CareDox with expertise in pediatric healthcare has closed a financing deal for $16 million to be co-led by AI Life Sciences Investments LLC and 7wire Ventures with additional investments from Digitalis, Prolog Ventures, StartUp Health, and Wanxiang Healthcare Investments.

Kindergarten through 12 schools manage healthcare for more than 50 million kids nationwide, making them the largest healthcare delivery system in the country. However, many of the schools are highly fragmented and disconnected from traditional care settings.

According to Avi Naider, Manager of AI Life Sciences Investments, “Thirty six million American children, a majority of the country’s school age population are covered by Medicaid or another form of public health but yet in many cases, their health needs are not being met.”

“We have a huge opportunity and responsibility to improve pediatric care by digitally connecting the real care team consisting of school nurses, parents, pediatricians”, said Hesky Kutscher, CEO CareDox. “We are thrilled that our investor syndicate shares our vision to radically improve pediatric health through technology to better serve and connect students, parents, providers, and payers.”

CareDox is able to provide a new kind of pediatric care delivery by providing healthcare technology to K through 12 public schools using the company’s HIPAA and FERPA compliant platform which captures student medical charts, medications, and immunizations, plus provides parents and providers with alerts about health events.

Recently, CareDox partnered with HealthySchools, a Florida-based public-private partnership seeking to promote pediatric health by administering influenza vaccines at partnered schools. HealthySchools is using CareDox technology to manage the digital workflow associated with their vaccine and well-care visit program for underserved children.

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