Expanding Access to Cancer Care

Varian https://www.varian.comm headquartered in California, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ping An Health Technology Co., Ltd to explore a strategic partnership to expand access to cancer care in China.

Ping recently established the Ping An Health Technology Co., Ltd and the Ping An Medical Technology Research Institute to focus on medical technology R&D and product incubation. The plan is for Ping An to bring together top researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing as well as study the application of technological innovation as it could be applied to the field of medical science and technology.

The companies will both research using AI, cloud computing and big data technologies to deliver high quality and cost effective cancer care to more people in China but also provide the care close to where they live.

Through their combined efforts, Varian and Ping will look to create a more comprehensive tool to help healthcare professionals increase the effectiveness of treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, molecular medicine, and radiation therapy.

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