Aetna’s National & Regional Grants

The Aetna Foundation located in Connecticut seeks both national and regional partners to focus on improving the health and healthcare system for everyone while supporting communities.

The goal is to improve healthcare in three specific areas via grants:

  • Obesity—Focus on initiatives to create a better understanding of the root causes of the obesity epidemic
  • Racial and ethnic healthcare equity—Work to understand the connections between where people live and where they receive healthcare and also examine the quality and equity of the care they receive
  • Integrated healthcare—Aim to repair a fractured healthcare system and eliminate gaps in shared information and communication


Three program areas are going to award grants in research that will make use of either quantitative or qualitative techniques. The grant funding will also help specific projects investigate or disseminate new practices designed to improve health and healthcare, and policy grants will be awarded to analyze and promote policies to ensure that programs and practices can be replicated and disseminated broadly.

The Foundation will consider National proposals addressing issues across the nation and regional proposals which would impact a specific region, state, or community. Eligible applicants can be nonprofit organizations having a national impact or local organizations in a specific region, state, or community.

Up to $250,000 in funding is available. Full proposals will be accepted in quarterly cycles with closing dates of February 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15 for submission.

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