Partners to Expand Patient Monitoring

AMC Health has announced their partnership with Geneia to expand the analytic solutions and services for the company’s @Home remote patient monitoring program.

Together AMC Health and Geneia will deploy the remote monitoring solution to a broader population. Geneia’s @Home solution has demonstrated measurable results for heart failure patients, reduced health plan medical spending by 50 percent, lowered hospital admissions, slowed disease progression, improved medication adherence, and increased patient satisfaction.

According to Shelley Riser, RN, Geneia’s Vice President of Consulting Services and Clinical Innovations, “Together, we will bring the @Home system to a broader population, to include not only patients experiencing heart failure, but also diabetes, COPD, and asthma.”

AMC Health and Geneia’s partnership will provide chronically ill patients with in-home devices to measure biometric status and report daily vitals such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, and inhaled medications using Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Symptom and behavioral information will also be collected to provide a more complete view of patient status. Data will automatically be transmitted between Geneia’s analytics and care collaboration solution the Theon® platform and AMC Health’s CareConsole® clinical platform where both platforms are capable of identifying emerging health issues or trends that can be mitigated with earlier care team interventions.


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