Using Telehealth to Treat Addiction

The company eHome Aftercare is using the telehealth approach to treat addiction. The company’s approach includes working with treatment centers to provide a package of outpatient counseling which provides for family coaching using video and text sessions.

People suffering from substance abuse often enter inpatient facilities for detoxification and withdrawal. However, the real battle begins when the person leaves a controlled environment and returns home. They may be faced with issues that may have exacerbated addiction in the first place and they may succumb to addiction again.

The eHome program includes extensive family coaching using video conferencing plus an online education program. “In many instances, family dynamics play a significant role in the addiction cycle. Using a systemic approach along with family therapy has proven to play an integral role in the recovery process,” said Erik Sundquist, Clinical Director for eHome.

Another aspect of the eHome program is evidence-based outcomes. The company’s proprietary Deep Mind Insight ™ measures the patient’s progress and success. Deep Mind Insight is comprised of the My Mood Monitor (M3) and DANA, an automated neurobehavioral assessment. This state-of-the-art testing evaluates progress at the beginning, middle, and end of the program.

Brad Rex, President and CEO eHome Aftercare, “We work alongside of treatment centers and provide a comprehensive package of outpatient counseling the family coaching using the convenience of video and text sessions.”

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